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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>Keeping Cyber Healthy during COVID-19 Lockdown Period

Keeping Cyber Healthy during COVID-19 Lockdown Period


Mauritians needs to be attentive and stay alert during this difficult situation. We need to maintain hygienic conditions by washing our hands, keep atleast a two-meter distance while talking to someone and wearing a mask, coughing into tissues or elbows, and doing our part to keep the healthcare system less overloaded. We should also listen to public health officials and access ‘BeSafeMoris’ app for new information on coronavirus.

Inspite of this challenging situation, where the support of one and everyone is required in the best interest of people to fight against this pandemic, there are cyber threat actors who are taking advantage of people’s heightened levels of concern and legitimate fear around COVID-19 and trying to spread fake news and scam people out of their money or private data.
The Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius(CERT-MU) is working hard towards protecting Mauritius and its people against cyber threats. Alerting the people at large on fake news, viruses and providing security alerts how to stay safe and work securely from home. 
The Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius has published security alerts on how Mauritians can protect themselves and work securely while at home. The following security alerts will help further and will make things easy for individuals and organisations to be safe and secure from cyber threats:
This security alert provides an insight on how cybercriminals are using the global disruptions caused by Covid-19 as a Cyberattack Vector for their own notorious gains and also includes the measures to be adopted to stay safe against cyber threats.
With COVID-19-related threats escalating on the cyber front and the move to remote access technology as a key means of communication, the need to enforce cybersecurity is vital for organisations to deliver essential business operations. This security alert will help organisations and employees to be prepared, and adopt a heightened state of cybersecurity to enhance their cybersecurity postures and stay cyber-safe while telecommuting. 
In this crisis situation where Mauritius is fighting against the COVID-19, it is important to embrace and secure a remote workforce. Aside from the pressure this office exodus puts on IT teams, network architectures and even equipment suppliers, there are real cybersecurity challenges organisations need to consider. This security alert focuses on the key factors that can help ensure remote worker cybersecurity.

4.    Malware Scams

Cyber-criminals have seized upon concerns over the emergence of the COVID-19 global pandemic as bait for not only spam and phishing attacks but also malware. They are also exploiting this situation and there has been a significant rise in Coronavirus-themed malicious websites. The aim of this security alert is to help you to understand and identify malware scams as well as to keep you protected.
The huge amount of news coverage surrounding the COVID-19 virus has created a new danger - phishing attacks looking to exploit public fears from this pandemic. In this critical situation, it is important to have a good “cyber hygiene” for companies to regularly educate, train and test employees on phishing risks. This security alert will help you to identify phishing campaigns and discusses on the best practices.
The Covid-19 pandemic is not only putting a great strain onto our health system, but it is also testing our ability to distinguish important news from false and misinformation. Since the Covid-19 outbreak began in China’s Hubei province, social media has spawned countless fake news stories and hoaxes, including promises of false cures that have caused panic among everyone. This security alert will help you to identify fake news and best practices.

Protect Yourself by Staying Informed
The Government of Mauritius making lots of effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. The following websites and social media account have been developed for the citizens to have useful and accurate information on the COVID-19 health situation in the country:
  • Be Safe Moris – a dedicated website and mobile app have been developed for all information on the COVID-19 in Mauritius, including the current situation of the country, communiqué by the Government on this pandemic, healthcare information and awareness for the citizens - . Mobile phone users can download the application ‘besafemoris’ from Apple Store for Apple Phones and Play Store for Android Phones.

  • A website developed by the Ministry of Health and Wellness on the state of COVID-19 Coronavirus in Mauritius -

Report Cyber Security Incidents
Let us unite together for a safe Mauritian cyberspace during this crisis situation. Report cyber security incidents on the Mauritian Cybercrime Online Reporting System (MAUCORS -
For more information, please contact CERT-MU team on:
Hotline No: (+230) 800 2378
Fax No: (+230) 208 0119
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