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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>Google Chrome as the Least Secure Browser

Google Chrome as the Least Secure Browser

According to a report conducted by Secunia, more vulnerabilities were reported in the Chrome browser in 2014 as compared to any other core software. The Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015 report is built on data harvested by the company’s Personal Software Inspector tool residing on “millions” of customer end points, each with an average of 76 installed applications. It found the Choc Factory's web surfer gathered more vulnerabilities than Oracle Solaris, Gentoo Linux, and Microsoft Internet Explorer which rounded out the top four among the analysed core products. Chrome leads the browser pack with 504 reported vulnerabilities followed by Internet Explorer with 289 and Firefox with 171. Some 1035 flaws were reported across all browsers including Opera and Safari, up from 728 in 2013. As per Secunia, the most number of un-patched users, followed by Chrome and Internet Explorer, although this could be because installed secondary browsers were often unused. The report further reveals vulnerabilities increased 70 percent from 728 to 1035 by the end of 2014, with un-patched zero day flaws rising from 14 to 25.
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