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CERT-MU Information Security News

Vizio smart TV Spy on Users via Smart TVs
It was revealed that the biggest smart TV makers Vizio has been caught secretly collecting consumers’ data through over 11 Million smart TVs and then selling them to third-parties without permission. TV maker Vizio has agreed to pay a fine of $2.2 million for tracking their customer’s data with their smart TVs.
Vizio installed a data tracking software in its smart TV models to collect viewing habits of 11 million customers. This software worked by collecting a selection of on-screen pixels each second the TV was on and then compared the collected data to a database of known movies, television shows, commercial and another type of video content. This allowed Vizio to discover which program the customers are watching and even the date, time and channel of TV shows, whether customers are watching the program live or recorded.
Moreover, it can even be noted that smart TV makers Vizio also collected information with its devices, including each household's IP address, nearby access points, and zip code and then shared collected data with third-party advertising companies
Vizio has agreed to stop unauthorised tracking, to inform customers of any collection practices, and to get consumers’ express consent before collecting and sharing viewing information.
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