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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>350,000 Star Wars Twitter Botnet discovered

350,000 Star Wars Twitter Botnet discovered

Security Researchers have discovered a network of 350,000 Twitter bots dubbed the “Star Wars botnet”. It can be noted that the bots have remained dormant since 2013 and they can even have the potential to send spam, manipulate public opinion, propagate malware and create fake followers.  Experts noticed that the 350,000 bots only tweeted random quotes from Star Wars novels often with incomplete sentences or broken words at the beginning or end. Moreover, the ability to tweet quotations helped the bots to evade detection. By using quotes, the bots can communicate in the same way as a typical Twitter user. 
The Star Wars bots don’t include URLs within their tweets, never mention or reply to other users, and only follow a few friends and they tweet only a few times per day. Experts believe the bots were created using a Windows smartphone and also they all used fake locations within a specific set of geographical coordinates (in Europe and North America).
During their research, Experts also found out another botnet with more than 500,000 bots.
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