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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>Scammers Target Mac Users with DoS attacks

Scammers Target Mac Users with DoS attacks

Scammers Target Mac Users with DoS attacks
Mac users are being targeted with a new tech support scam which tries to crash the system by using a DDoS attack, and then encourages the victim to call a phony Apple support number in order to get the system restored to normal. By either clicking on a phony website or calling a phony assistance number, the users will then become a victim of the attackers who will gain control of their system. The malware infects the systems via email or when a user visits a specially registered scam website on a Mac running Safari.
The flaw involves computer systems running the Safari browser. Two versions of the scam are being reported; one was dubbed a browlock, while another, which loaded malware onto devices, was named as screen locker.
Once the malicious code has been triggered, it will see which version of OS X the victim is using and then attempt to trigger a denial-of-service attack by repeatedly opens draft emails. The attack continues drafting new emails in individual windows until so many windows are running that the system crashes due to lack of memory. The subject line of the emails tells the user a virus has been detected and to call the tech support number.
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