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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)


The following presentations were made during the Technical Colloquium 2017: 

The Future of Darknet
Mrs Selvana Naiken Gopalla
Information Security Consultant, CERT-MU
National Computer Board, Mauritius
Blockchain - The New Crutch for Fraud
Mr. Nathan Close
RSA Fraud & Risk Intelligence Lead, Netherlands
Mapping the Ransomware Landscape
Mr. Jakes Wolfaardt
Systems Engineer for Enhanced Technologies
FORTINET, South Africa
Transport Layer Security
Mr. Loganaden Velvidron
Co-founder of
Insider Threat Data Protection
Mr.Christo van Staden
Regional Manager- Sub Saharan Africa
FORCEPOINT, South Africa
Open Source Intrusion Detection Solutions: How to use them as a powerful free defensive and offensive tool
Mr. Sylvain Martinez
Director Elysiumsecurity, Mauritius
General Data Protection Regulation - Its Implication in Mauritius & Africa
Mrs Teswaree K. Heerah
Manager - Cybersecurity, PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd, Mauritius
Cloud Security Monitoring
Mr. Nilesh Jankee
Senior Cloud Architect, ORACLE, Mauritius