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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)


Guidelines: Year 2021

Guideline on  Cybersecurity Guideline for Youngsters​   

Guidelines: Year 2020

  Guideline on cybersecurity in a work from home era​ 

Guideline for schools and parents on cybersecurity and safety during the lockdown​  


Guidelines: Year 2019

  Guideline on Mobile Devices Security (Updated)   

  Guideline on Phishing Prevention (Updated)    


Guidelines: Year 2018

  Best Practice Guide on Handling Unsolicited Emails

  Guideline on Virtualization and Hypervisor Security  ​


Guidelines: Year 2017

  Guideline for Parents on Mobile Apps

  Guideline on Devising a Personal Back Up Plan

 Guideline on Email Encryption and Signatures 

 Guideline on Cyber Threat Intelligence  


Guidelines: Year 2016

 Cyber Security Guidelines for Employers and Employees   

 Guideline on IT security for Academic Institutions   

 Guideline on Mobile Payment Security    

 Guideline on Malware Incident Response   

 Guideline on Internet of Things (IoT) Security

 Guideline on Online Identity Theft 


Guidelines: Year 2015

Guideline on Cloud Business Applications
Guideline on Secure Disposal
Guideline on Ransomware Removal
Guideline on Responding to Social Media Attacks
Good Code of Practice on Digital Forensics
Guideline on Phishing Prevention

Guidelines: Year 2014
Guideline on Audit Log Management
Guideline on Incidents and Digital Evidence
Guideline on Cloud Security
 Guideline on Vulnerability and Patch Management   
 Guideline on Firewall  
Guideline on Safe BYOD Management​ 

Guidelines: Year 2013 

 Guideline on Implementing Cloud IAM  

 Guideline on Securing Public and Private Wi-Fi Networks  

 Guideline on Securing Mac OS X Mountain Lion

 Updated Guideline on Mobile Devices Security 

 Guideline on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)  


 Guidelines: Year 2012 

 Technical Guideline on Public Internet Access Points 
  (Computer Clubs, Cyber-Caravans and Post-Offices)

    Guideline on Strong Passwords and Passphrase

 Guideline on Spam Control

 Guideline on Auditing and Log Management

 Guideline on Email Best Practices

 Guideline on Debit or Credit Cards Usage

 Guideline on Wireless Security

 Guideline on Incident Handling and Reporting

 Guideline on Windows 7 Parental Controls

 Guidelines: Year 2011

 Guideline on Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

 Instant Messaging and Chat Rooms – Play It Safe

 Guideline on Access Control

 Guideline on Secure Internet Banking

 Security Guideline for Standalone and Network Computers

 Guideline on Securing Cisco Routers

 Guideline on Information Security Policy

 Guidelines on Social Networks

 Guideline for Securing Your Web Browser

 Mobile Devices Security Guideline

 Guidelines: Year 2010

 Antivirus Best Practices