To improve the security posture at national level, CERT-MU has been mandated to:

  • Advise and assist the government on the development and implementation of cybersecurity policies, strategies and best practices;
  • Coordinate cybersecurity incident response activities;
  • Provide technical assistance to law enforcement agencies in the resolution of cybersecurity incidents;
  • Disseminate cybersecurity alerts, advisories, vulnerability notes to organisations and the public;
  • Issue publications related to cybersecurity best practices;
  • Screen netflow data for detecting potential cyber threats at the level of internet service providers;
  • Collect information from organisations for identifying, assessing, monitoring, and responding to cyber threats;
  • Promote cybersecurity awareness and cyber hygiene at national level;
  • Collaborate with the international cert community, industry and regional, sectorial and international security forums for sharing information on cyber threats and related information;
  • Promote research and development in the field of cybersecurity;

Promote international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity

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