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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>Windows Phone Store Distributes Fake Apps Infected with Adware

Windows Phone Store Distributes Fake Apps Infected with Adware

Fake and malicious apps were found to be distributed in Microsoft’s store targeting the Windows phones. Users are being tricked to install fake apps that are repackaged versions of legitimate applications, retooled to serve ads and redirect users to buy or download specific products. 58 such fake apps were found and looked like the apps from CNN, Avast, Facebook, BBC, Bet365 and WhatsApp. The apps come with a real-looking, fully functional UI, but after a certain period of time, the user is prompted with an interstitial ad that covers their entire screen.
If this add is clicked, the user is redirected to a page where they are then asked to download or install various other apps. In some cases, this redirect occurs automatically, without the user doing anything. Recently, Apple and Google’s stores were also used to push quite dangerous malware.
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