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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius>Doubling Down: Locky and FakeGlobe ransomware pushed in dual spam campaigns

Doubling Down: Locky and FakeGlobe ransomware pushed in dual spam campaigns

Cybercriminals kicked off a spam campaign earlier this month capable of delivering either Locky or FakeGlobe ransomware creating a situation where a single person could be victimized twice in the same attack. The cyberattack featured a rarely used trick that has the malicious actors rotating which ransomware is delivered with the initial spam email, Trend Micro reported. The danger here is a victim could end up being hit with both varieties by making a single mistake.
The campaign is designed in such a way that a victim clicking on a malicious link from the spam email might deliver Locky one hour, and then FakeGlobe the next. This increases the likelihood of secondary infections due to the rotation. This could result in the victims having to pay twice or worse, lose their data permanently. The attacks kicked off on September 4 and hit 70 countries, but Japan, the United States and China were the primary victims garnering almost half the spam emails.
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