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Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)


Vulnerability in Apple Airdrop
Severity Rating: Medium
Systems Affected:
  • Apple Airdrop
A vulnerability has been identified in Apple Airdrop and this could be exploited by remote attackers to render iPhones and iPads inoperable. The vulnerability could also trigger a type of denial of service attack, thus allowing an attacker to infinitely spam all nearby iPhones and iPads with AirDrop share popup notifications. This share popup blocks the UI so the device owner will be able to do anything on the device except Accept/Decline the popup, which will keep reappearing. It will persist even after locking/unlocking the device.
Users are advised to apply updates.
More information is available on:
Vendor Information
Apple Security Bulletin
Postal address
Mauritian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-MU)
National Computer Board
7th Floor, Stratton Court
La Poudriere Street
Port Louis