Cybersecurity Drills

Societies are becoming increasingly dependent on information and communication technologies, which are globally interconnected. However, with these growing dependencies, new threats to network and information security have emerged. Preparation is the key to mitigate the damage that cannot be prevented. To protect their critical infrastructures, many organisations are now engaging in Cybersecurity Drills. These drills are carried out to assess an organization’s preparedness to resist cyber-threats and enable timely detection, response, and mitigation and recovery actions in the event of cyber-attacks. By detecting and responding to simulated cyber-security incidents, organisations will be in a better position to know about the vulnerabilities present in their infrastructure and how they can improve their security practices.

In this context, CERT-MU offers public and private organisations the opportunity to be part of the national cybersecurity drills that it organizes annually in the country. These events are sector specific and regroup different organisations from a specific sector under the same roof to assess their ability in responding to simulated cyber-attacks. Moreover, CERT-MU also takes part in providing its expertise for international simulation exercises that are carried out in the region and also worldwide.