Online Scam Alert

Date of Issue: 13 November 2023

Severity Level: High

CERT-MU has observed a peak in incidents related to online scams during the last few days. One of the most reported type of scam relates to an investment scam whereby victims are lured to invest a minimum of Rs. 3000 and a maximum of 1Million rupees on investment platforms named as ASHMORE and DODA. In return, they are expected to receive a profit equivalent to their investment amount each month. Moreover, they are also asked to promote products of Amazon, Ebay, Lazada and Shoppe on an online website known as B&M Retail Ltd ( In return, they will receive commission for each product promoted. The scammers communicate with the victims through Telegram App and they ask to pay through MCB’s Juice platform.

It is to be noted that more than 3000 Mauritians are on this investment plan. During the week-end of 11-12 November 2023, the it was found that these platforms have been disabled. Following which victims are not able to get access to their accounts and eventually lost their investment.

CERT-MU wishes to inform the public in general to be cautious of this ongoing scam and take necessary precautions before investing in such type of scheme. The financial authorities could be contacted for authenticity.

Report Cyber Incidents
Report cyber security incident on the Mauritian Cybercrime Online Reporting System (MAUCORS –

Contact Information
Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT-MU)
Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation
Hotline No: (+230) 800 2378
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